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Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Mechanical Breakdown Protection Insurance

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Avoid costly vehicle repairs with Route 66 and their top-of-the-line extended warranty plans. Their Mechanical Breakdown Protection extends coverage to virtually all components of your new or pre-owned vehicle. The coverage is even transferable if you sell your vehicle before the plan expires.

  • Claims paid at the time of repair directly to the repair facilities
  • Repairs can be done at any licensed facility
  • Costs hundreds less than manufacturer’s warranties
  • Can be integrated into the cost of your loan
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

The low rate protection offered through Route 66 gives you maximum protection on your vehicle and much more. All plans come with additional benefits:

  • 24-Hour roadside assistance
  • Rental vehicle assistance
  • Total loss refund
  • Battery coverage

Buying a vehicle is one of the largest purchases you make, so have it protected.

Visit any Community Financial Center or call us at 813-414-6787 ext 40433 for more details and eligibility requirements.